Is there a registry?

We are very grateful to have everything we need for our home together. So in lieu of a traditional registry of housewares, we decided epic travels and adventures were more suited to our lifestyle. If you would like, you can help us fulfill these memorable adventures by contributing to our honeymoon gift experiences. Thank you for your love and we look forward to sharing our adventures with each and every one of you. 

Venmo: nicboerio
Ca$h: $nicboerio

How do I get to Copper Mountain?

Copper Mountain is an 1:45 drive from Denver Airport. You can rent a vehicle at the airport or you can book transportation with Summit Express (Select Anaconda Condos - Copper as Drop-Off Location) . 

Where should I stay?

Copper Mountain has a variety of options from single rooms to suites and condos. Friday's ceremony and reception will be held in East Village, but everything is within a few minutes walk.

How long should I stay?

Stay as long as you would like. The discount code works for five days!. 

How do I get the wedding discount rate?

Call Copper 866-837-2996, use code 4053  and reference "Varga-Boerio Wedding.” You can look at Copper’s Lodging page to view the different accommodations. Unfortunately the website does not allow you to use the discount code.

How should I dress for the wedding?

There is no dress code for the wedding ceremony or reception. Be comfortable, and remember that temperatures can drop at night.

Can I bring my kids?

Of course!

How should I pack for the weekend?

Base your attire on what you are planning to do on Saturday and keep up with the weather forecast. There is no formal attire for the ceremony or reception. Also, keep in mind the temperature can drop to the 40’s at night. Check on current conditions at Copper here.

Will the altitude affect me?

Copper Mountain Resort sits at 9,000 feet. If you are coming from sea level, hydrate a few days before and take it easy stepping off the plane. Spend a few hours (or even a day in Denver) if you think you’ll have a difficult time adjusting to the altitude. You'll be fine.

When are the wedding invitations being sent?

We are making things simple here. We have only sent out Save the Dates and ask that you please RSVP here